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Blueprint Design

The mission of Real Shore Developments LLC is to develop quality residential and commercial real estate properties through smart investments, and to create valued relationships with clients and partners in the industry, keeping in mind that each of our communiques could be a tremendous source of referral business to our organization. 


Real Shore Developments LLC was founded in 2019. After a careful study of the real estate industry, we found a tremendous void of service and quality properties. This became the principle reason we wanted to start a company in the industry. The opportunity to create an entity which offered clients superior service and properties was reflected in our enthusiasm to begin Real Shore Developments LLC. The shared vision of the

company is not without the interconnected and 

interrelated relationships it has with the communities in which the company provides service. 

The present situation of the company is very exciting. We have been recently developing ideas for new projects with various residential and commercial property designs, which will be competitive amongst the marketplace. These developments will enable the company to provide quality properties, elite service, and the best construction, which will increase the company’s bottom line.

Real Shore Developments LLC started as a concept of realizing the viability of creating an organization that will become a competitive company in the field of real estate development. With ideas in mind, the founder/CEO, ventured on to develop an organization that would achieve the goals established in our comprehensive five-year business plan. After year five, our organization will reestablish new concepts of doing business and acquire smaller companies to expand our organization, so that we are sure to recognize and establish a win/win position for all parties involved.

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